Garage Storage Design & Installation Service

Handyman Solutions are passionate about designing simple yet effective storage ideas for your home. We have dedicated design software that can quickly give your ideas shape. Whether it’s in the Home, Out House, Barn or Garage, a wall rack system for a cubby-hole under the stairs, utility room or any free wall space - we have the solution. With our unique wall storage system you can design your own space to meet your requirements. Increase your usable floor space. Look after your bikes, golfing equipment and garden tools and make them easy to find with our Slatwall system.

Our system comprises strong, durable, easy to fit panels plus wall accessories. Our bike-racks and wire shelves combine with a range of hooks and baskets to provide solutions for all your needs. A truly affordable Organization System that offers heavy duty long lasting products at great prices. Combine our Heavy Duty Shelving with our Slatwall to provide perfect solutions for all your storage needs.

Why not fit in your workshop, dressing room or utility area to create order.

Your Perfect Storage Solution Is SLATWALL

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Tool Tidy


Our Slatwall Sytem is the perfect addition to any garage or workshop. It can effectively store away all tools, cables and accessories making your workspace safer, less cluttered and a more pleasant place to work.

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